One thing I didn’t want to do was become obsessed with trying to become pregnant. I’d done that in that past and it consumed me. So this time around, I would track my cycle and occasionally do an ovulation prediction kit (which never seemed to work for me), but that was it. If it was […]

I’ll admit, our 2018 up until this point was crazy busy. We started out the year breaking ground on building The Garage and were full steam ahead from there. We didn’t stop to take a breath, a break or a DATE from January through July. We were tired and we needed to slow down. July […]

When we got pregnant with Clover back in 2015, it came as a total shock. After seven years of unexplained infertility, I had come to terms with the fact that pregnancy was not going to be a part of our story. But as God does, He shook things up and made the impossible possible! Still, […]

Well, I can’t believe that we actually did this! Y’all, we have been talking/dreaming about living in a house in the Tope with a casita for year. Like LITERAL years. In April of last year, two houses came on the the market right across the street from one another: one with a casita, the other […]

So, there we were. We had just bought a house on a whim to run as an Airbnb. What were we thinking? Now what?! A month full of online shopping, staging and photographing and BOOM we were live! Within a short time of being up on the site, we had our first booking. It was […]