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Happy Monday, my sweets! How was your weekend? We had a great time hanging with Joe’s family that was visiting for a couple days. Out of town guests always means lots of laughs and WAY more food than necessary. However, I believe that the extra calories burned from the extra laughing makes the excess eating okay. Is that a legit thought??

Remember my handstand fail? Yea, I still have the bruise. But on the up side, I spent yesterday’s yoga inversion workshop working on handstand and did not sustain any further injuries. I actually got some handstand hang time. Woop woop! However, I will not be asking Joe to take any pictures of me as clearly that did not turn out so well last time!

You know you have the best babysitter in the world when you she’s come over to watch the Bachelor with you after she just spent hours at your house watching the little one. Looking forward to our Bach date tonight :).

Spring is here! I know, I know it’s only February, but here in AZ there are signs of spring all around me. Our peach trees are blossoming the most beautiful pink flowers. It’s the tiniest charlie brown-esque tree, but that girl is sure adorned in beauty!


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Eeeekk! Friends, I can’t even believe it but my work has been published in this year’s Williams Sonoma Wedding & Gift Registry catalog! I just got my copy in the mail and I am like a kid on Christmas morning! I am beyond honored that my work is associated with such an incredible company. Be sure to take a look if you pop into a Williams Sonoma near you!

To see more of Kelly and Nathan’s wedding, click HERE. Also, please check out the bride, Kelly’s amazing company Paper by the Bay to see her beautiful work.


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I love building last relationships with my clients. Getting to know them as they go from being engaged to being husband and wife is a beautiful thing. There is something really special about walking alongside a couple as they take their first steps into becoming their own family.

Katie and Mike got married in April 2013 and I had the honor of documenting their incredible day. Now, after almost two years, they are getting ready to welcome their baby girl. Oh how my heart leapt for joy when they asked me to document this special season in their lives. THIS is why I love what I do. I get to celebrate alongside my couples as they walk through some of the greatest joys in this life. Being a parent is one of the most incredible things and I am thrilled that these two will soon know that firsthand.

Katie and Mike, thank you for allowing me to document another milestone in your life. It truly is an honor. I adore you both and can’t wait for you to hold your sweet girl in your arms. xo, Stacy


The most perfect bump that I ever did see!


How magnificent is this beauty? Pregnancy never looked so good!


Pure magic.


  • February 18, 2015 - 4:52 am

    Molly Oberst - beautiful babies

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Happy post-Valentine’s Day Monday! Hope your weekend was filled with love. Our Vday was perfect! Our church put on a Parent’s Night Out which is just about my favorite event ever. Two and a half hours of FREE child care where my little gets to eat pizza, make crafts and play with her friends while Mommy and Daddy have a date night. Perfection! Since it’s so rare that we ever get to have the house to ourselves we decided to do Vday at home. Umm SO much better than going out! We ate Chinese take out on our private outdoor patio, talked until the it was way too dark outside and then cuddled up to a cheesy Hallmark movie. Oh and as far as Vday gifts go, I told Joe to forgo flowers because I’d rather spend the money on new yoga pants! Totally romantic ’round here ;).

There is a lunch thief at my hubby’s work! Someone straight up stole Joe’s lunch out of the staff refrigerator today. Who does that?!

So I’ve been seeing pics flooding my news feed of friends playing in the SNOW! It’s hard for me to remember that it’s not perfection in other parts of the country like it is in AZ right now. We have been eating outside just about everyday, hiking whenever we can and I may or may not have already started working on my tan. THIS is why I love living here!

P.S. Bella wanted you all to know that she got a My Little Pony for Valentine’s Day. She’s pretty stoked.

Happy Monday, everyone! xo, Stacy


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I feeling a bit crazy today, so I’m opting for a Hot Chocolate Monday. I just put Bella to bed so I could not wait to raid the cupboards for some dessert. Late night chocolate is like a high five with a “Good job, Mama!” thrown in there. But, since I haven’t gone shopping in a week (opps!) there was no dessert to be found. Luckily, after rummaging through the pantry (note to self: you need to clean out the pantry), I found some leftover Christmas hot chocolate. Score! Oh, and you better believe there is whipped cream on top.

So did any of you catch my instagram/fb photo of my headstand fail yesterday? Well, there is quite the story to go with it. I had just gotten home from an arm balance/inversion yoga workshop and I was feeling on top of the world. I had just learned some new poses and was on a bit of a yogi high. While playing outside with the fam, I got an idea. “Hey, I could totally do a handstand up against that tree and Joe can take a picture for me”. Now, I have NOT mastered handstands so I knew that I was going to have to aim just right so I could use the tree to balance. I communicated to Joe that I wanted him to take the picture once I got into the pose, but that I was going to need him to be on the ready to catch me if I started to get off balance. Apparently, he was super committed to the former because as my handstand turned into a slamming/scraping of my entire body against the tree as I fell to the ground, what did Joe do? Just kept on taking pictures! Wow, thanks babe. His response, “You said you wanted me to take pictures.” Just goes to show that yoga teaches you a lot more than just poses, like how poor communication with your spouse can cause pain LOL! And in this particular case, a huge bruise on my thigh.

Confession: I kill any plant that comes into my care. On our last home depot trip, Bella really wanted to pick out some purple flowers so we got her a small, indoor one. How hard could this be? A little sun. A little water. Yet somehow the flowers are shriveling up and falling off. Sorry, little guy, I’m doing the best I can but I’m afraid your fate may be sealed.

Happy Monday everyone! Now go watch some Bachelor (or do something way more productive for the both of us!).

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