This is my little space on the internet where I wear my heart on my sleeve, where I keep it real and above all, where I hope to encourage others. I share my life with you, not because I think I’m awesome, but because I believe that life is meant to be shared. And maybe, just maybe, God will use my story, experiences and randomness to encourage you in your life.


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40 days of Worship

40 is the number that seems to be surrounding me a lot lately. I am looking forward to my 40th week of pregnancy knowing that Clover will be arriving soon at that point. My official “due date” is March 21st, which happens to be 40 days from today. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday which kicks off […]

February 9, 2016

Beneath the Olive Tree, Personal, Yoga

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The Olive and the New Life

Oh, how deep, wide and overflowing is the grace of God! Friends, my heart is about to burst. Can you even believe how great his mercies are?! After 7 years of unexplained infertility, there is now LIFE in my womb. I can’t possibly express all that my heart, body and mind are feeling in this […]

August 14, 2015

Beneath the Olive Tree, Personal, The Pregnancy Files

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Julia :: Redeemed Session

Last month, I had the pleasure of photographing the talented and brave Julia as part of a special Beneath the Olive Tree project. The session was about more than just creating cool images; it was about sharing a story; her story. As we walked through the session together, I asked her if she had a […]

August 5, 2015

Beneath the Olive Tree, Personal, Portraits

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Coffee Talk Monday :: From Thought to Flesh

Happy Mondays, y’all! Apparently I’m channelling my inner-Southern belle today. Just go with it, k? My weekend was jam-packed with things that inspired me. I had three shoots in the span of a couple days, but rather than feeling exhausted afterward, I felt energized. I was on a photography high. Sometimes, I’ll admit that photography […]

June 8, 2015

Beneath the Olive Tree, Coffee Talk Mondays

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Coffee Talk Monday :: Introducing Beneath the Olive Tree

Friends, today I am sharing something oh so special with you! This isn’t just any ole’ coffee talk monday post; this one is EPIC (or extra epic I should say, since all CTMs are pretty epic, right?!). Today I am introducing you to something that has been on my heart and in the making for a […]

May 18, 2015

Beneath the Olive Tree, Coffee Talk Mondays

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