38 weeks (03/7/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a leek (17-19 in, 6 lbs) It’s hard to believe that I’m already 38 weeks along. Clover could come ANY time now. It still feels surreal. I mean, I feel her moving ALL the time but it’s still hard to believe that there is a real, […]

The weeks are FLYING by now! 36 weeks (02/20/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a honeydew (17-19 in, 5.4 lbs) Still going strong with yoga, although poses do feel quite different these days! Even still, having an active yoga practice has been so beneficial to my pregnancy and birth-prep.  37 weeks (02/27/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy […]

Fear has been the thorn in my side for as long as I can remember. It has shown itself in many ways over the years. From insecurities, unhealthy thought patterns, irrational behaviors and the need to control, fear has always been at the center, stealing life and joy from my midst. As I wrote in […]

35 weeks (02/13/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a coconut (17-19 in, 5.25 lbs) It takes a village… This pregnancy has been a beautiful opportunity for me to rely on community and the strengths of others. From friends who have volunteered to watch Bella for doctor and other baby-related appointments to all the amazing […]

34 weeks (02/06/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a cantaloupe (17-19 in, 4.9 lbs) The Stats: Weight gain: 20 pounds total Body/Bump: Clover just keeps growing! It just continues to amaze me how God created our bodies to be able to morph and shift in order for new life to grow. So, so cool. Fitness/Health: Thankful for […]