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December 9, 2010

The Sizer Family: Chandler Family Portraits

The Sizer family is FABulous with a capital F! Jeremy & Angela have 3 beautiful children: Georgia, Luca and Teague. Documenting three children under the age of 6 can be quite challenging at times but they were such good kids the whole time! And not to mention, they all should be models because they are just GORGEOUS! They all have the most beautiful blue eyes that my camera was LOVing. It was apparent throughout the shoot that this family loves deeply. It was really special to be a part of and capture sweet moments shared between them. Thanks for choosing me to document your time in Arizona, Sizers. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek :) Lots of love-Stacy Kokes xoxo

This was one of the first shots we took. Off to a good start I would say!

I LOVE when kids have fun during the shoot. Success :)

I can barely handle this cuteness. It is too much!

Teague and his daddy. So PRECIOUS!

Georgia. You are FABULOUS and you’re only 5. :)

Sweet, sweet Luca. What a stunningly beautiful child.

And Mr. Teague. SO stinkin’ cute.

They get in from their mama…

AND their daddy.

Raw. Real. Moments…beautiful.

This makes me smile. They’re already best friends. And surely will stay that way as they grow.


Silly faces.

This sums up how everyone felt about the shoot ;)

Sizer family, you are precious. I was SO glad to be able to document your time in Arizona. You are all lovely :)

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