Hayli Metter-Saguaro high school senior

Hayli is one of the most mature and sweet high school seniors I have ever met. She is on her way to becoming one FABULOUS journalist. I’m calling it now; we will be seeing her as an anchor on the news someday. I loved hearing her plans for life after high school and getting to know her. Oh, and my camera was very happy as well ;). Enjoy! xoxo Stacy

Truly beautiful…inside and out


LOVE these two


Gorgeous much???


This girl could not take a bad photo if she tried!


Def one of my faves from the day. Loving the ethereal-ness (that’s a word, right?)

undefinedxoxo Stacy

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  • Kimberly Joiner

    Hayli, you are absolutely stunning. Seriously. I cannot believe how soon you are graduating! YAY! Love you so much :)
    Stacy, AWESOME senior pics. I wish I had you to take mine back in the day! hehe ;)

  • Your work is so stunning. Absolutely inspiring!!!

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