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March 20, 2015

Hull Family :: South Mountain Family Session

Oh, how I love this family, more than words can depict!

Meet my precious sister Kris (who will be celebrating her #@th birthday tomorrow!), her husband Jason and their three kids, Ashley, Mitchell and April. My sister has always been such an inspiration to me. She is beautiful, talented and above all, a woman who radiates the love of Christ. She is full of creativity, big ideas, and a heart that constantly puts others first. Her family is beyond blessed to call her wife and mom. And I am blessed to call her sister!

And these kids. Oh how my heart loves these kids! I have always had a special bond with each of them. I remember fondly when each of them was born and to be able to watch them grow has been such an honor. I love the relationship God has allowed me to have with them despite our physical distance. He is good!

We just finished up an incredible week together. Between spring training games, shopping, swimming and sunning, we were able to fit in a family session. Here is a peek into our fun!


Bella was such a good assistant; she watched our bags and helped Mommy with the shoot. But she could only stay behind the camera for so long :).


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