The clouds rolled in on the morning of August 24th; a rare sight in the midst of an Arizona summer. Alicia and Jeremy anxiously and nervously got ready wondering if the rain would hold out long enough to say their outdoor “I dos”. What was potentially a cause for concern ended up being a tremendous […]

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  • Marla Wahlman Betz

    Just beautiful!

  • Susan Hintz

    Oh, my word! These are extraordinary. Thank you so much for sharing your day this way with all of us who love you!

  • Joanne Winter Meiner

    Captured as beautiful as I remember it!

  • Barbara Jazwinski Gaskins

    The photos just perfect as was the day. The children so well behaved and did their parents proud..little angels.

  • Diane M Simcik

    What a beautiful couple!

Abbi + Chris were my first session back since taking time off to spend with our new daughter. It felt so good to get behind my camera once again and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to kick off my ‘return’ with! We all braved the AZ heat and desert to capture these […]

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  • June Bagsby

    great pictures! congrats!

  • Nancy C Ole

    WOW! How cool! Love you guys!

For over a year, Joe and I have been in the adoption process. It has been full of twists and turns, but our prayers were finally answered when we welcomed our daughter, Bella Rose, into our family on July 2, 2013. We are over the moon! Meet my new family <3. Huge thanks to Brittany […]

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  • Marie Hynes Taylor

    These make my heart happy. Congrats to you, your hubby & your sweet baby girl. May the Lord bless you guys with a wonderful life together as you embark on this AWESOME journey of parenthood.

  • Michele Cunningham

    So thrilling to share your joy! What a beautiful little girl and beautiful family :)

  • Jasmine Conrad


  • Lyranda Harvey

    Amazing family photos! The three of you were meant to be. So glad everything is working out!

“So when a friend is trying to explain to someone about how Christ loves the church they can say, ‘Do you know Maggie + Travis? Let’s go to their house for dinner. You see the way they love each other? That’s how Christ loves the church.’ So you see, this marriage you are entering into […]

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  • Suzie Ryan

    Stunning! Thank you Stacy and Joe. You captured the spirit and heart of the day.

  • Stacey Wylie

    They are beautiful pictures.

  • Karen Nolen

    Great pictures of a lovely couple!

  • Patti Ryan Tanner

    TRUTH !

  • Kathy Ryan Lawless

    Gorgeous. Love these kids!

  • Mary Anne Sterling Houlahan

    What a beautiful day – looks like a fairy tale!

  • Ann Hester Kuhn

    Such a beautiful evening to celebrate an amazing couple! Gorgeous pictures!

  • Karen

    What beautiful pictures of Travis and Maggie!