When Bianca first contacted me about her + Michael’s Mexican/Filipino Desert-themed California wedding, I thought ‘I have to shoot this wedding!’.┬áThankfully my dreams came true :). They did such a fantastic time executing the theme. The details and colors had me swooning! The only thing that was easier to photograph were the bride and groom […]

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  • Jessie Fox Rustad

    Wow! What a gorgeous wedding! I LOVE her bouquet! Love all of your shots, especially the ones inside the church <3.

  • Brian Carter

    I’m lovin’ it! So much fun working with you Stacy. BAM! We rocked this wedding :)

  • Sarah 'Fritz' Martin

    Wow! What a lovely couple and beautiful wedding. You and Brian did an amazing job. :)

  • Anonymous

    Great work, I am so happy for my niece. She will have these amazing photos for ever.

  • Rosalie Rodriguez

    Ahhh! Bianca you look so BEAUTIFUL! and you too mikey :-) hehe.
    Thank you so much for sending me this link. I LOVE the pictures. Great capturing of such wonderful moments. Wish I could have been there in person. Congratulations again to the both of you.

  • Darleene Powells

    What a beautiful wedding. I love how the Mexican and Filipino details mix together so well, but I suppose it makes sense since both cultures are evolved forms of Spanish culture. I can’t wait to blog this.