During my most recent trip back to WI, I got to do something that I rarely get to do: MY family photos! In all the years that the Fritz family has been around, we have never had professional family photos. Unacceptable. We had to make this happen! So my sister-in-law (Emily Fritz Photography) and I […]

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  • Lucero Salinas

    biutiful love it!

  • Connie Smith Barr

    Loved catching up with your family! Beautiful!

  • Kristi Kokes

    Wonderful! Beautiful family and great photographers!

  • Michele LeValley Feltz

    Thank you for sharing! What an absolutely beautiful family you and Kris share! Makes my heart sing!

  • Jen Fritz

    These are so fun! I love everyone’s. Everybody looks so good and is going to be so happy with them. We had a few great chuckles: finding Kaylee in the grandkids, seeing Joe in the family shot, and Tom doing your dad’s “cool baby” alongside him in the mens’ shot. These are just great!

  • Jill Henson

    Stacey – Thank you so much for sharing these picture for all to see. The Fritz family is looking happy and healthy!

  • Stephanie Krystal Bentley

    WOW! That’s impressive… Who took the last picture? I was most impressed with how much mitch grew…. he look like a little justin bieber! hehe….. and Ashley and Kaylee as welll… that is one big family. Way to go Neil and Diane…. Love you all fritz family!

  • Stacy Kokes

    Best, I brought a tripod and set up the shot then did the self-timer and ran in at the last minute LOL!