Brad+Rhiannon Dravis :: Villa Siena Wedding

You know when you see a couple well into their years still holding hands and it makes you fell all warm inside? There’s no doubt in my mind that Brad + Rhiannon will be that kind of couple 20, 30 and 50+ years from now! These two share a love that oozes from their every pore and causes everyone around them to believe in the fairy tale love. Their day was made perfect when they declared that they would be one another’s for ever and that Rhiannon would always be the ‘little spoon’  to Brad’s ‘big spoon’. Being there to witness their love story was such a blessing and definitely caused me to shed more than one tear!

Brad+Rhiannon, thank you for choosing us to document your amazing love story. You’ve blessed us greatly by reminding us to love BIG! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

A big thank you to all the wonderful vendors who were part of the day!

Venue: Villa Siena

Dress: Vera Wang

Florist: Blume

Caterer: Bon Cuisine

Baker: Piece of Cake

Videographer: Serendipity Videography

DJ: Mike Euper; Creative Touch Entertainment

  • November 30, 2011 - 10:43 pm

    alexis gourd - Absolutely gorgeous! Wish you all the happiness in the world!

  • December 1, 2011 - 3:14 am

    Bev Paulson - What a beautiful wedding!!!!! Im so sorry i couldnt be there. Brad you look soooooo handsome and Rhianon you look absolutely stunning! Much happiness to you both!

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Coffee Talk Monday #46

10 Reasons You Know It’s SKP Busy Season

1. Coffee Talk MONDAY gets done on Tuesday

2. My desk resembles a kitchen sink more and more throughout the day

3. My right thumb feels like it’s going to fall off if I back button focus one more time

4. The only tan I get is from the glow of my computer screen

5. Joe doesn’t even bother asking “Have you been outside at ALL today?” anymore

6. The gf pizza delivery guy no longer needs to use GPS to get to our house

7. Pandora asks “are you still listening” about 3 times a day

8. I forget to watch Dr. Phil. (crazy, I know) ;)

9. The two laundry baskets of clean clothes are STILL sitting there

10. I am up well before the sunrise. You should have seen it this morning! If I didn’t have such a scattered brain, I probably would’ve thought to take a picture. Make that reason number 11!

Just use your imagination I guess ;)

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Maddy: 2012 Senior: DC Ranch Session

I love, love, LOVE senior sessions! Especially when I get to photograph someone as beautiful and bubbly as Maddy. We shot at Market Street at DC Ranch which apparently is photography central this time of year! We were one of probably 8 shoots that were going on there at the time, but obviously we had the most fun out of everyone there ;). Maddy arrived to the shoot nervous, but was a total natural from the start. This girl can pull off any angle and any look and just rocked the socks off this shoot :).

Maddy, you are beautiful inside and out and you straight up ROCKED this shoot. Enjoy! xoxo

  • November 22, 2011 - 7:42 pm

    Candice - She’s adorable and I can see why that’s a hot spot for photogs. Gorgeous location!

  • November 22, 2011 - 7:43 pm

    sharon elizabeth - Great job Stacy!!!! =) What a beautiful girl!

  • November 23, 2011 - 10:16 am

    Eden - Great work! I bet she’ll treasure these for a long time :)

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Coffee Talk Monday #45

What’s up internet friends?! Happy Monday to ya! :)

My dilemma: Would you eat a delicious chocolate-chip covered carmel apple if you knew that it would make the roof of your mouth sore? It’s like, on the one hand it tastes so yummy but on the other hand my mouth is writhing in pain by the last bite. So what should I do? Let’s be honest…the carmel apple WILL be gone by the end of the day ;).

Have you seen those Target2Day sale commercials? You know, the ones with the lady who is WAY too excited about the Black Friday Sales like she is HERE. That’s kinda how I feel about Thanksgiving this week! I can’t wait for the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin goodies. EEeeeeeee!!! I. can’t. wait!

Speaking of food, I found this new food blog that I am swooning over. The name itself makes me happy: All Day I Dream About Food hehe. Anyways, it has a TON of gf recipes that I can’t wait to try. And with my new stove, I am definitely in the baking/cooking mood. Now I just need to find some non-stick induction pots + pans that will work on the induction cooktop. Let’s just say that my gf pancake attempt yesterday was less than successful. Joe took one look at pancake #1 and said “What IS that??!”. Good thing he doesn’t have high cooking expectations or I’d be screwed! But I did make some super yummy gf pumpkin cookies over the weekend that he loved so that made me happy :).

I know some of you have been waiting for some pics of the new stove (cough…Victoria!) so here it is ;)

(P.S. Please do not judge the dog slobber marks on the stainless steel. I have yet to buy the ‘official’ stainless steel cleaning product.)

  • November 21, 2011 - 8:46 pm

    Melissa - Love it. Can’t wait to see some of your yummy creations! Ohh and good ol yellow can Pledge works awesome on stainless! Just spray on the rag first or will you will slide all over the floor. :)

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