It’s that awkward moment when you’re walking hand and hand with your hubby and realize you just exclaimed “I’m not cheating!” while passing busy restaurants with several onlookers. Let me explain :).¬†Joe + I just started the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover about a month ago. I can’t tell you how much we are LOVING […]

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  • I LOVE Apple Cider Vinegar too! Smells a little funky but it’s really great stuff. I mix it with my powder face mask and it’s amazing (!!

    I’m going to try the water combo you suggested…sounds interesting! :)


  • Jen

    Christina, I do that too with a clay mask and it’s so much better than plain water – it fizzes and feel so much nicer! Stacy, I’m hip to the ACV. I mainly use it now added to water to clean produce, for soaking grains and beans, in dressing, and as the 2nd half of my dread cleansing. Your drink recipe sounds tempting – never had good results with it in water with honey. Gag. Girls hate it – they say it smells like feet (which it does).
    Battlestar Gallactica – YIKES!

oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh MY GOODNESS!! I can barely contain my excitement…clearly. This morning as I was working, I suddenly remember (excited gasp) “My LBB sample was supposed to come yesterday.” What followed was: Jump up out of my chair. Run to the front door. Slight pause as I realize I don’t […]

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  • OMG!! We have soooooo gotta get together! I was already planning on this as a gift with purchase (as a surprise… you know… overdeliver :)

Ever since Joe and I have been married, we’ve found it super important to have great ‘couples’ friends. Now this is easier said than done. There are so many things that have to go right. The girls have to like hanging out together. The guys have to like hang out together. AND the couples have […]

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  • Charity Oxley Maurer

    Um. Fantastic. Thank-you! Love them!

  • LOOVEE THIS!!!!!

  • Alyssa Hensley

    I saw one of your shoots on pinterest and was interested how much you charge for engagment shoots and what kind of wedding packages you offer a

We had such a wonderful time photographing Katelyn+Erik’s wedding at The Castle at Ashley Manor. You may remember these two gorgeous people from their engagement session. With beauty such as theres, you can imagine how AMAZING they both looked on their wedding day. Their short n’ sweet afternoon wedding was filled with all the ‘good […]

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  • Mishel Powell

    OMG!! These pix are amazing! Of course, the subjects make it easy to get such great shots! Katelyn, you are absolutely stunning & you two look so hot together!! I’m glad I made you call him!! LOL!! These pictures brought tears to my eyes…A. cuz they are unbelievable, B. cuz I missed it & C. cuz I’m sooo happy for you two!! I miss you so much & I wish you both all the best life has to offer!! Love you, Mishel

  • Stacy Kokes

    This couple sure knows how to WORK it in front of my camera!

  • Ash Marie B

    These are great!!

  • Tina Chavez

    Beautiful pictures, CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Debra Companion

    these are beautiful – can you post more pictures of Katelyn’s family?

  • Diana Camacho

    gorgeous photographs Stacy! Love this couple! :D

  • Lynne Reardon


  • Tammy Bogenschutz

    Gorgeous couple! Congratulations to you both and may you be blessed with many many years of happiness!

  • Wendy

    One of the most beautiful wedding moments I have ever seen! Breathtaking!!!!

  • Karen Rodgers

    Stunning, just stunning!

  • Rose Dalipe-Cranston

    What a beautiful…beautiful day!! Our best wishes..much happy life together. Great pix!!

  • Nancy Tate Mitchell WrapGirl

    These are so pretty Stacy! Congrats on getting them on weddinggawker!