Allison Palmer-Marcos De Niza Senior :)

Apr 2, 2010

Spend an afternoon with Allison, and you can’t help but smile the rest of the day! This girl is absolutely HILARIOUS and her laughter is contagious. I had to break between shots because I was laughing so much. I first met Allison serving in Children’s ministry at Praxis church together. She was talking about how she was so excited that it was her senior year, and I proceeded to ask “Oh, what are you majoring in?” She looked at me and was like “Umm I’m in high school haha”. LOL. I couldn’t believe that a senior in high school could be so mature and so on fire for God. It was so refreshing!! This is a girl who is going places :) It was an absolute pleasure getting to photograph her. All in all, I would say our shoot was quite “perf” ;) (that’s short for perfect if you’re not down with the lingo hehe) Enjoy your sneak peek Allison!

This is the laugh I was telling you about :)



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