Aly+Brett: Scottsdale Engagement Session

Mar 11, 2011

I remember the first time Aly + I met for coffee. We chatted away like old friends and we knew that this was going to make for a great working relationship. Fast forward to a few months later and I finally got her + Brett in front of my camera. I was so super excited to work my camera magic with them. Aly showed up to the shoot somewhat nervous (as most clients do), and I reassured her that she would do great. It didn’t take us more than 5 minutes before these two were rocking it out and bringing on the love! Now I will just have to wait patiently for their September wedding to get them in front of my camera again. Aly+Brett, you two are fabulous! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek. Lots of love, Stacy xoxo

Off to a great start, I’d say!


The nursery had the cutest shop that I couldn’t resist.


Aly said she had to kiss a lot of frogs before finding her prince charming. Awww ;)


Hello beautifuls! Goodness!


Aly. You are gorgeous. The end.


I love their naturalness with one another


There she goes again with the gorgeousness!


LOVE these two :)

undefinedundefined A+B- You two are wonderful. Plain + simple. I have loved getting to know you guys and can’t wait for your wedding in September. xoxo



  1. Stacy….. brillant using a home depot plant & garden center for the backdrop of an engagement session.. way to think outside the box… or is that inside the BOX ? lol.. at anyrate.. I love what you did with this session and you got me thinking about what other “common” places I can use as “locations” for shoots. Good job you – super fun meeting you and your husband in Vegas at WPPI at Melissa Jill’s AZ Tog lunch at the MGM. Having fun following you on twitter and such !

    – travis in Tucson

  2. stacylynn says:

    Hey Travis! Thanks for the blog love! It’s actually a nursery in North Scottsdale that we used, but now you just gave me another idea ;). Hope all is well.

  3. veronica regus says:

    I love that frog :) My sister is obsessed with frogs :) what nursery is this? I’m so going to get her that for her birthday :D

  4. veronica regus says:

    btw AMAZING pictures :) these are great :D

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