Angel+Michael :: Mesa Arts Center Engagement Session

Oct 7, 2014

Angel and Michael met and fell in love while working together as backstage techs at the Mesa Arts Center. The two have since moved to New York and are getting ready to become husband and wife next fall. They wanted to go back to where it all began for them, so they pulled a few strings and got us backstage at the Mesa Arts Center. Talk about beautiful! Not gonna lie, my inner performer felt like leaping across the huge stage. It was so cool back there! I usually shoot all my sessions outdoors, so this was a fun and exciting change of scenery.

These two have such a playful love that comes bubbling out the more time we spent together. I am SO looking forward to their wedding next fall. But for now, here is a peek at Angel and Michael’s e-sesh!


Some of my favorite moments with these two were the ones where they had no idea the camera was on them. They came alive in the “in between” moments.


Maybe these two should have considered being ON stage. Rock stars right here :)




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  1. Tia Laura says:

    These are absutely beautiful!!!! I can’t believe my Angelgirl is old enough to get married. Best wishes my loves!

  2. Tia Laura says:


you said:

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