Asking the Right Questions

Apr 3, 2015


Bella is three now which means her curiosity is at an all time high. She is constantly asking questions and while I appreciate her thirst for knowledge, it also drives me a little crazy! She questions everything I do. I can’t even get through simple tasks without having to give a play-by-play. For example:

Bella: “Whatcha doing, Mommy?”

Me: “Just emptying the dishwasher, honey.”

Bella: “Because they’re clean now?”

Me: “Yup, that’s right.”

Bella: “What are you gonna do next?”

Me: “I’m probably going to go make some phone calls.”

Bella: “Why?”

Me: “Because some people are waiting to hear back from me.”

Bella: “Who are you going to talk to, Mama?”

And on and on it goes!

While giving her an account for every little thing I do gets old fast, her questions taught me the importance of asking myself the right questions. It’s so easy to just go through the motions of life without remembering the “why” to the “what”. Often I found myself stumbling about without a clear answer for her other then “Ummm…because!” But is that really good enough?! It wasn’t for me. Her questioning challenged me to be more intentional about everything I do. Whether I was emptying the dishwasher or photographing a wedding, I started thinking about “why am I doing this?“. This new mindset has allowed me to get to the heart and motivation of my actions rather than just go through the motions.

To my brides out there, remember why you are planning your wedding. It’s not really about finding the perfect shade of purple peonies (hello alliteration!) or about the gown that takes your breath away. Ultimately, you are planning your wedding to marry your best friend and commit your lives to one another for the rest of your lives. That is a beautiful “why” to remember.

To you mamas out there, remember why you are having to warm up your coffee for the sixteenth time today and forgo a shower (again). Remember that your hard work and sacrifice are an act of love that your sweet child likely won’t understand until they are doing what you’re doing someday, but that it is worth it. You are cultivating a life, shepherding a heart and tending to a little soul. That is a beautiful “why” to remember.

To you creatives out there, remember why you are working your business like a champ. It’s not really about the number of likes you have on Insta or how fast your workshop sells out or even how slow your business is moving right now. Remember why you pursued this in the first place. You took this leap because you love it. You took a chance because the joy you found in your creative pursuit trumped any success or failure you may experience.

So, my friends, as annoying as it might be to have to give a play-by-play for our lives, sometimes it’s a good thing. We need to know the “why we do” not just the “what we do”, and too often, we forget. And sometimes, it takes a spunky little 3 year old to remind us that!

Challenge time: Take sometime today or this week to write down all the “whats” in your life and give a “why” to each one. If you’re feeling bold, leave an example in the comments below. I’ll start us off:

The What: Blogging

The Why: I started blogging as a way to bring beauty and encouragement to people like you. I write to let others know they are not alone out there, that there is beauty in the midst of a broken world and to give glory to God.

Your turn!



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