Bella’s Sprinkle Bday Party

Jan 4, 2015

Oh my lanta, I have a THREE year old! How did that happen?!

I am overjoyed that I have the privilege of parenting this little girl and watching her grow day in and day out. From only saying 5 words when we first met, to now talking my ear off and making up her own songs, I am amazed that I get to have my hand on her life and encourage her in her growth. This past year and a half of being her mom has brought more joy, challenge and laughter than I could have imagined. I’m kind of wishing that time would slow down a bit, but am anxious to see what comes next with this fiery, creative, sweet, imaginative, cuddly girl of mine. So grateful that God gave us to each other!

Bella loves her sweets (just like me!), so we decided on a “Sprinkled with Love” birthday party theme. There was no shortage of sugar which I think all the kiddos appreciated ;). I had so much fun creating this party for her. Here is a peek into B’s day.




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