Beneath the Olive Tree



The Heart:

Beneath the Olive Tree (BTOT) was born out of my own journey of discovering purpose in the day to day. As a photographer, wife, mom, writer and yoga instructor, figuring out which of those desires God wanted me to use was an exhausting task. For so long, I compartmentalized my passions and life, feeling as if I had to choose one thing to focus on or do something grand in order for God to use me. I was living fragmented; feeling the burden of wanting to live with purpose but not knowing how or where to do so. Then He freed me with this simple truth:

He wants to use all of me. The passions. The brokenness. The imperfections. All of it. For Him. For Others. For Good.

I began to understand that all that I do flows from what He has done and therefore ALL that I do has purpose in Him. And it gets even better. We don’t have to have it all together in order for Him to use us. If fact, He probably prefers we don’t. We don’t need to chase perfection or do something glamorous. God wants to use us wherever we are, in whatever we are doing, to bring glory to him and to be a blessing to others. Right Now. 

But, truth be told, that’s not always easy right? Life is messy. It gets hard. Often we fail to see that what we do has real value and purpose. We doubt whether we can really make a difference. We need to be reminded that there is beauty in the simple, and purpose in the regular. We need to cause each other to see that each day, each step, each breath is an opportunity to love, to bless and to bring glory to our Creator. And that’s what we do here at Beneath the Olive Tree. 

My hope is to see restoration, freedom, hope, beauty, flourishing and wholeness pour into individuals, families and communities. One step at a time, one breath at a time, through everyday means; that is the mission of Beneath the Olive Tree.

The Name:

IMG_5923At the end of 2014, we found and bought our dream home. The few years leading up to that had been extremely trying as we endured the messiness of infertility and failed adoptions. We moved into our new home just a few months after legally adopting our precious daughter. This new home was a picture of God’s grace and faithfulness to us as we began our lives as a forever family of three. Our very own “promised land”.

When I was younger, I would daydream of the day I would be a mama, sitting in the shade of mature trees watching my little ones play and explore. But, instead God brought me to the desert of Arizona, (which is not exactly known for its trees!). I tucked that long-desired dream away in my heart, accepting that it probably never would be. Then I walked into our now backyard for the first time and saw the most gorgeous, mature olive tree. It was as if God said to me in that moment, “This is for you.”

While some might just see a tree, I see a picture of God’s grace and intimate love for me. He showed me how much he cared about even the small, but significant desires of my heart. Beneath our olive tree, I have found rest, laughter, grace, peace and surrender. Each time I see it, I am reminded that He wants to give me life to the full. He wants the same for you, and so do I. My hope is that through the work of Beneath the Olive Tree, you will experience those same beautiful truths I have experienced in my own backyard in the shade of our olive tree. May BTOT continuously point you to the fullness of life Christ desires for you in Him!

The Beneath the Olive Tree Community

Beneath the Olive Tree is more than just an idea or way of thinking, it is a way of living life with intention in the name of Love. It’s about seeing opportunities to bring glory to God and be a blessing to others in all the places and roles we’ve been called to. And it’s about encouraging others to do the same.

The BTOT community is a group of women world-changers, encouragers, comforters and everyday warriors who share in my vision to live life to the full in the everyday. A life full of restoration, freedom, hope, beauty, flourishing and wholeness. A life that pours out and is filled up in return. A life surrounded by others who love deep, encourage freely and keep it real.

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