It seems like just yesterday we were moving into our “dream home”. You know the story; the moment I stepped in the backyard and saw the olive tree, I knew it was meant for us. That was almost two years ago. In that time, this home has blessed us in countless ways. It was here […]

I’m now 6 weeks postpartum and while I am FAR from an expert, I have learned so much about my heart, my body, my kiddos and my husband during this time. In some ways, the time has flown by. In other ways, it feels like a lifetime ago that I was pushing my little wildflower […]

I had been preparing for months. I attended hypnobirthing classes, created my labor playlists, listened to my birth affirmations and practiced my relaxation techniques. I addressed fears and doubts as they surfaced and laid them before the Lord, determined to birth without fear. I assembled my “birth team”, equipped with a great team of midwives, […]

38 weeks (03/7/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a leek (17-19 in, 6 lbs) It’s hard to believe that I’m already 38 weeks along. Clover could come ANY time now. It still feels surreal. I mean, I feel her moving ALL the time but it’s still hard to believe that there is a real, […]

The weeks are FLYING by now! 36 weeks (02/20/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a honeydew (17-19 in, 5.4 lbs) Still going strong with yoga, although poses do feel quite different these days! Even still, having an active yoga practice has been so beneficial to my pregnancy and birth-prep.  37 weeks (02/27/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy […]