Brit & John’s “Wedding” Shoot

Oct 6, 2010

Brit & John are some of our closest friends. We really love these two! Brit is a fellow photographer which is BEYOND fun. We have coffee dates just about every week where we bounce ideas off of each other, talk about life, and take full advantage of the fact that we get to design our own schedule ;). Brit&John have been married almost two years now. When they got married, Brit was not a photographer yet. Ever since she started her business, she has looked at her wedding photos differently. She always desired something more. A couple weeks ago was Brit’s 24th birthday. John, her sweet hubby, wanted to give her the wedding photos she always dreamed of so he contacted Joe & I to see if we would be willing to make this happen for them. We both answered with a resounding “YES!” These two have consistently been one of my favorite couples to photograph and we couldn’t wait to make this happen for Brit. So John made Brit an appointment to with the FABulous Jolie Luna of Mesha Salon & Spa to get her hair done, Brit got a fun new dress, created a bouquet and we were set to go. We met them at the Herb box in DC Ranch where the 4 of us enjoyed a glass of wine before the shoot and then we were ready to rock n’ roll. Brit & John did everything to make this shoot stellar: great styling, fabulous chemistry, and amazing beauty (well I guess the last one was God’s doing, but you know what I mean):). Hope you enjoy this couple’s love story told through my lens!



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