Brooke + Garrett::South Mountain Session

Jun 14, 2012

I love, love, LOVE photographing my friends! I’m always so blessed by the experience.

And last night’s session was no different.

Brooke + Garrett are part of the small group we lead and just ADORE them!

Brooke + I share a love for crappy (but awesome) reality tv while Joe + Garrett share a love for crappy (never awesome) zombie tv shows.

Our times with the Browns are spent doing cool things such as scorpion hunting, Bachelorette gossip and always LOTS of laughter. Yea, we’re kinda awesome like that ;).

I’m so excited to share their session with you!

xo stacy

I’m not usually a b+w girl, but I just LOVE the way they look in it!!!

Ehhhhh, pure sweetness!

Bad. Ace.

Enter the sunflowers!

I just love these guys!

Beauty Brooke :)

Brooke! You are gorgeous!!

We finished the shoot with some SICK silhouette shots. LOVE how they turned out!

One thing is for sure; Garrett knows how to make Brooke laugh! Here are some behind-the-scences to show you how the shoot REALLY went ;)



  1. loveeee these! and seriously – their hair is amazing!!!! the funny silhouettes are soo stinkin’ cute!

  2. Bonnie Cope says:

    LOVE them all!

  3. Emily Madelung says:

    gorgeous pictures!

  4. Sarah Holmes says:

    Love, love, LOVE this super sweet session. Like, oh my word.

  5. Teena Dare says:

    UGGGGGGHHHHH! These are amazing! Gorgeous couple+amazing photographer=success!

  6. Kristin Pirazzini says:

    stacy this may be my favorite session you’ve done :D nice job!

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