I just adore my wedding clients. So any excuse I get to have them in front of my camera more than just their engagement and wedding is fine by me! Nina chose to do an Beauty Boudoir session as a gift to her fiance, but also for herself. She knew that doing a session like […]

oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh MY GOODNESS!! I can barely contain my excitement…clearly. This morning as I was working, I suddenly remember (excited gasp) “My LBB sample was supposed to come yesterday.” What followed was: Jump up out of my chair. Run to the front door. Slight pause as I realize I don’t […]

For quite awhile I have been flirting with the idea of adding boudoir photography to the SKP repertoire. I have a heart for empowering women to feel beautiful, so boudoir always seemed like a natural fit. However, before I jumped into it, I needed to make sure that I could do so in a way […]