Well, I can’t believe that we actually did this! Y’all, we have been talking/dreaming about living in a house in the Tope with a casita for year. Like LITERAL years. In April of last year, two houses came on the the market right across the street from one another: one with a casita, the other […]

So, there we were. We had just bought a house on a whim to run as an Airbnb. What were we thinking? Now what?! A month full of online shopping, staging and photographing and BOOM we were live! Within a short time of being up on the site, we had our first booking. It was […]

Before AirBnb was even a thing, Joe has been talking about wanting to use our home as a way to make extra income (too bad he didn’t think of creating something like AirBnb!). I was not always on board with the idea, but for him, it just seemed so natural. We dipped our toe in […]