They say that life goes by faster the older you get. I remember when I was still in school, the year would draaaggg on for me while my mom would talk about how fast it all went. I never quite got it. Now, here I am, a mom of two, wondering how the heck time […]

I am still on cloud 9 from my baby shower yesterday. Seriously, it could not have been more perfect.┬áThe love of God was so clearly among us as we celebrated new life in his name. For days leading up to the shower, the weather was uncertain. The winter storm was headed our way and plans […]

My parents are in town and they have helped me in my “nesting” phase. My dad finished out the construction in Clover’s room with flooring in the closet, new moulding and a new closet door. Simple things that make such a HUGE difference! This weekend, my mom and I got to work on the decorating….my […]

Happy Monday! First of all, Bach is back! Let the over-the-top drama begin!┬áSecond of all, my parents get into town tonight! They haven’t been out to visit in almost 9 months so I can’t wait to have them here again. I can’t wait to spend time with them and work on Clover’s nursery. It’ll be […]

I can’t believe that I have been going at this photography business for over SIX years now! Each year has taught me so much; about art, relationships, myself and running a business. Some years were marked by adventures, significant growth and accomplishments while others were made special by the simple moments of growth that happened […]