40 is the number that seems to be surrounding me a lot lately. I am looking forward to my 40th week of pregnancy knowing that Clover will be arriving soon at that point. My official “due date” is March 21st, which happens to be 40 days from today. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday which kicks off […]

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Holy Yoga Retreat  this past May when I attended as an instructor-in-training. The experience was so rich, full and transformative. Between the bible studies, yoga classes, and non-stop learning, I barely had time to take out my camera to capture the experience. This time around, however, I was […]



I tried to repeat the mantra my 3 year old taught me as the miles ticked away, but the voice of fear proved to be much louder than my sweet girl. In just a few minutes I would be stepping into the unknown. What would be waiting for me at the Holy Yoga retreat? Surely, […]

Happy Monday, my dears! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was filled with photographing lots of love so my heart is feeling full! Remember when I told you about my new adventure with Holy Yoga ministries? Well, I can hardly believe it, but teacher training is almost over! In less than a week I […]

A New Adventure

Mar 5, 2015

I’m a dreamer, always have been, always will be. When I’m not busy living my dreams, I’m busy thinking of what my next ones will be. I wear many hats in my life and I love it! I get to be a mom, a wife, a photographer, a writer and a blogger. How cool is that?! […]