Sep 12, 2010

Christal & Jason are SO absolutely, positively in LOVE! I met Christal a couple months ago when we first started chatting about me photographing their wedding, but I didn’t get to meet Jason until their engagement shoot. Right away, I could feel their love for one another radiating from their hearts. I could see that Jason has a quiet, protective heart for his bride. A heart that is ready and willing to lead Christal & their family in the way of the Lord. I could see that Christal’s heart is full of joy, admiration and gratefulness. That Christal understands that the love her & Jason share is a blessing that should not be taken for granted. Seeing this kind of love between them made my heart smile. Joe & I are overjoyed that we get to document this couple’s love story. That we get to be there as witnesses as they join their lives as husband & wife next Saturday in Glorieta, NM. Thanks Christal & Jason for sharing your love with us. Can’t wait for next weekend :)



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