Coffee Talk #9

Mar 1, 2011

So I’m standing there making dinner thinking about how lovely my gluten-free spaghetti is going to taste coupled with an episode of The Bachelor when I realize “Ohhhh my gosh! It’s totally Monday!”. Monday: the day when my horribly-addicting reality show airs, the day that Joe has his discipleship group AND the day that I get to catch up with all you lovely folks! And admittedly, I almost forgot. In my defense, these last couple weeks have been a little less than routine for us. My parents left, then we went to Vegas, then we had our first weekend home that was free of NFL football. Yesterday I was all like “Wait…you mean I get to hang out with you today too??!” I had forgotten what that was like to have my husband for 2 whole days. Pretty. Sweet. So please forgive me for almost forgetting about you, but know that it was in no way personal. I’m just trying to find my way back to “normal life” again :).

I have a love/hate relationship with cereal. Every weekend Joe+I allow ourselves a little wiggle room on our eating regimen. Often times my “cheat” is a box of sugary cereal: Cap’n Crunch, Honeycomb, Kix, mmmmmm. The first bowl always tastes so good. And you can’t just stop at one bowl. That’s just silly! But after I’ve indulged in a few bowls my poor mouth feels like it has taken a beating. The worst part is when I try to convince myself to have that one extra bowl (it’s my cheat, remember?) after my mouth is already feeling it. Ummm worst idea ever. Even the sugary goodness can’t trump the chaos that occurred on the roof of my mouth. Someone should invent a delicious cereal that doesn’t cause mouth pain. One of you out there, get on it! ;)

I sing while I’m driving. Okay let me rephrase that, I straight up put on a concert in my car while I’m driving. Somehow I make myself believe that when I’m driving, I’m totally in my own little world. Dear Self, people can see you and they think you’re weird. I don’t care so much if strangers see me and think I’m weird. Chances are they’re not going to see me again and even if they do it might be a good conversation starter, right? I’m just worried that people I actually know may see me. I no doubt look ridiculous. And knowing my friends, I would never hear the end of it. I was thinking about getting a SLP business sticker to put on my car, but come to think of it…maybe I should hold off on that.

I got my hair done the other day. I’m back to blonde and I’m feeling good! Something about being blonde just feels very “me”. I realize I am inviting all sorts of smarty-pants comments by saying that but whatev…bring it on ;).

Alright friends, my show is just about to start. Don’t hate! We don’t have Tivo in this house so I gotta watch it while it’s on, commercials and all. I know most of you are like…commercials? They still have those? ;) My spaghetti is all gone, so I’m thinking I might have a little dessert. I think a little HoneyComb just might hit the spot…



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