Coffee Talk Monday #11

Mar 15, 2011

So…what do you think??! I have been waiting to share my “Stacy Kokes Photography” news with you all for awhile and I’m so glad that it’s finally out in the open. I’m totally obsessed with my new branding and hope that you all love it as well. And there’s still so much more to come: a new website, an updated blog (other than this quick, current update), all my marketing materials and some other fun stuff. So stick with me…this is going to be a great month or two!

I’m officially in love with the library. I hadn’t been there in a long time, but today I thought I would venture in “quick”. The moment I got in there I remembered how magical it is. That’s right, I said magical. Rows and rows of books filled with knowledge are all there to read for free. I love that I don’t have to feel like I have to pick a “safe” book that I’ve heard really great things about. There’s freedom in picking up any random book and trying it out no strings attached. Today I walked away with “Walking with God” by John Eldredge which I can’t wait to start reading. I read the book “Captivating” written by him and his wife Stasi, and it was phenomenal! So here’s to hoping this one is as well.

I get totally grossed out when I have to touch raw chicken, which usually happens at least 3 times a week here at the Kokes household. The worst is when I’m at the grocery store and go to pick up a pack of chicken only to get slimy chicken juice all over my hands. Ewwwww. Could there be anything grosser? At least when I’m at home I can wash my hands right after the chicken encounter but at the store I feel helpless. There’s nothing to wipe my hands on AND I still have to touch my other groceries. This may or may not have happened today. Ugggh.

Okay, admit it…you’re a little bit excited about the final episode of The Bachelor tonight! No? Well, I am! Believe me, I realize that this is one of the cheesiest, worst shows out there on television but somehow I have gotten hooked on it. The thing is, I don’t even like Brad that much. I actually find him a tad bit annoying. But I’m still watching it! It’s kinda like Ke$ha songs. They are possibly the worst songs in the history of songs, but somehow I know all the lyrics and find myself tapping my fingers on the steering wheel when they come on. What’s that all about? I don’t know, but whatever they’re doing is working for them!

My parents are in Israel right now touring the Holy Land. How awesome, right? I can’t wait to hear all their stories about what they saw and what it was like. I can only imagine what it’s like to walk where Jesus walked and see the place that our Savior lived his life on earth. Ohhhh goosebumps!!! Anyways, it’s been over a week since I’ve talked to my mom and I can’t take it much longer lol. I’m glad they’re coming home soon ;). They fly back on Tuesday/Wednesday so please pray for safe travels and a great rest of the trip :).

Okay lovelies, thanks for joining me for another coffee date. I look forward to them each week, really. Feel free to leave some blog “love” in the comment box. I love to hear from my friends! xoxo Stacy




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