Coffee Talk Monday #15

Apr 18, 2011

I am becoming convinced more and more each day that I am more like an 85 year old women than the 25 year old that I am. I have to laugh at myself a little bit when I catch myself saying or doing something old-ladyish, like the other day when I was driving. The car in front of me pulled into the left turn lane but the back of his car still hung in my lane causing me to swerve. The words that came out of my mouth at that moment? “Gee Willikers!” Gee Willikers? Really??? You betcha! Couple that with the fact that I can’t even stay awake through an afternoon TV show and I’m officially an old lady. Goodness gracious!

While I think I’m an old lady, sometimes I think Joe is more like a kid than a 29 year old man. Let me explain. My hubby loves video games like no one else I know. Lately, he’s been really excited about iphone games. His latest? Smurf Village. Truth is, I’m not even sure if that’s the name but basically the concept is you build a village for the smurfs. He has to plant and harvest vegetables, build bridges and basically set out to make the coolest village ever. Last week I was driving and Joe was playing his smurf game (go figure) and he told me, “My village is awesome. You can look at other random people’s villages and they aren’t anywhere near as cool as mine”. Which I then replied “Honey, that’s because they were probably made by 5 year old kids, not a 29 year old man with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering!”. He went on to say that he wants to submit his village to the makers of Smurfville, that maybe his village would get featured, maybe he’d even get paid for how awesome it is! “I would frame that 50 dollar bill”. Sigh…he always does know how to make me giggle.

My poor puppy Hope is sick today. I never thought I would be one of those pet owners who treated their animals like they are their children but today when Hope was getting sick on the rug, my reaction was more like that of a parent than just a “pet owner”. My heart was sad seeing my little puppy in pain and all I wanted to do was make her feel better. I lovingly helped her outside and petted her as she finished doing her thing and even wiped her mouth when she was done. However, after I saw the damage inside, my sympathy quickly changed to “Eeeeeewwwwww!!!!”. Rather than clean up the dog bed, I just tossed it in the dumpster instead. Hey, there’s only so much this girl can handle!

I don’t know about anyone else, but the things Joe + I do when no one else is around are pretty funny. I think every couple has a goofy side that they only share with each other, am I right? Joe + I like to make up songs as means of communicating sometimes. And sometimes we like to just bust out a song for the sake of singing. The other night when we were driving home from a shoot, Joe started singing “my humps” out of no where. He didn’t know all the words so he stopped. Moments later I start singing the WHOLE song, top to bottom with Joe chiming in on the parts he knew. I was feeling a little extra artsy (we DID just do a shoot), I thought I would remix it opera style. So there I was singing “my humps” in an operatic fashion, when my man Joe chimes in with “she’s got me spendinnnngggg”….. full on opera style. It. was. AWESOME. I know I can always count on him to have my back ;).

One of the biggest blessings to my business has been the love and support of other fellow photographers. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting up with three great photogs: Stacey Poterson, Trevor Dayley and Denise Nicole at Tempe Marketplace. We hung out for almost 4 hours chatting about photography, life and business. I left California Pizza Kitchen feeling refreshed and invigorated. I’ve realized that business is not meant to be done alone. We all need each other. Together we can all grow stronger. It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that I have people in my industry who believe in me; that want me to succeed. And I want the same for them. I have been blessed with such an amazing group of photogs that keep me inspired, and push me to go further. They’re also “really, really, ridiculously good-looking.” Am I right or am I right??

Big thank to Trevor’s camera + the garbage can “tripod” for making these photos possible :)

Happy Monday! xoxo



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  1. Awesome Stacy! Love your coffee talk Monday. What amazing support in the community you have!

  2. Tammynize says:

    I can totally relate to the puppies like children thing. I’ve never been a good dog person until I got two little puppies…and honestly I take them everywhere like they are children….it’s a serious problem. Thanks for sharing, learned so much about you in this one post!

  3. katrina says:

    you are so adorable, stacy…i like you more and more every time i read your blog! ;) seeing your showiteer get-together makes me want to live in arizona…i miss all you peeps!!

  4. I love you post. Coffee Talk Monday? How fun! Oh and Scott and I break out in song a lot as well! Great shots of you guys! Maybe one day we will all be able to get together… with more than just our local peeps.

  5. Love love love you!!!!!!! Oh how precious you all are. And yes, we do need each other to grow stronger. Just the amazing talk and encouragement alone soothed my soul. I knew I was not in this alone and knowing that will get me further in the long run! Sing it girl!!! Sing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. We are really, really, ridiculously good-looking huh?? Even though I look huge standing next to you haha. That’s ok, I blame it on the baby. I always enjoy reading your coffee talk monday’s and I love that you and Joe can crack each other up!!

  7. Trevor Dayley says:

    Love it! (sang in opera style). Let’s get together again sooner than later.

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