Coffee Talk Monday #17

May 3, 2011

Hey friends! Happy Monday! Just a warning, I’m feeling very random today. BAM! See, I bet you didn’t see that coming. Oh you are in for a treat tonight. :)

You know the saying, “dance like nobody’s watching”? Well, I actually take this to heart quite often in my living room. I turn up my music and just let loose. I usually get some weird stares from Faith + Hope, but I don’t let them bother me. I’m all like “Just go back to sleep girls, mommy’s just gotta dance!”

Speaking of dance, did you know that I’m a Zumba instructor? That’s right! I teach my ladies how to shake it milkshake style. You know what I’m talking about: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and their like it’s better than yours! Yes, I have the pleasure of hanging out with the lovely ladies of the Mirabel Club once a week to get our groove on. It’s a fun change-up from photography AND I get to say to my mom, “See mom, I am using my Exercise + Wellness degree. Those student loans were totally worth it” ;)

I confess that I have not progressed past 1st grade in a couple areas: handwriting and shoe tying. My handwriting seriously looks no better than my 5 year old niece’s. It’s quite embarrassing. As an “artist” of sorts, I think most people assume that I would have other artsy qualities as well or at least have pretty handwriting. I’m sorry to disappoint you all. The only beautiful thing about my handwritten letters to my clients is the thought behind them! Confession #2: I tie my shoes with two “bunny ears”. Still. To be honest, I just thought that’s how everyone tied their shoes. That was until Joe saw me tie my shoes and never let me live it down. From then I, I went out of my way to make sure no one watched me tie my shoes for fear of being mocked! But then on Saturday, something magical happened. No, I did not learn to tie my shoes with one loop BUT I saw a FB post by my girl J* that read: “I’m embarrassed to admit I still tie my shoes like I’m in kindergarten. Two bunny ears, Internet.” Now that I know I am in good company, I can probably say that I am 25 years old and I tie my shoes with two bunny ears. And I like that about myself :).

You know you’re a housewife when you get excited when your new vacuum filter comes in the mail. Yes, the mailman handed me the package and I exclaimed “Oh yay! My filter is here!!!”. I was all excited to use it on the area rug that my two furry pups frequently sleep on. I tore open the box like it was Christmas morning to find a hepa filter for a Eureka vacuum. Awesome…except that I have a HOOVER!!! I was all like “Oh nooooo! Honey, I really wanted to vacuum today.” What has happened to me? No one should be this bummed about not getting to vacuum (For the record, this was the manufacturers mistake not mine. Just in case I was going to get any “blonde moment” comments from you. Now I’m covered) ;).

Now that I have you all thinking that I’m a super housewife, I’m going to bring it back to reality. On any given day there are probably shoes and/or clothes on the floor (most likely Joe’s), dishes in the sink (most likely mine) and a lot of stuff on the counters. This afternoon Joe came home and said “Wow, it looks really clean in here.” I looked around and said “Huh? There’s junk everywhere. What are you talking about?”. He proceeded to tell me that he thought that the house looked great and that I was doing a great job. Sigh. Sometimes it’s nice to have a husband with low expectations LOL. But really, I appreciate him so much. Even when I feel like I’m not “up to par”, he never ceases to keep encouraging me. I love him!!!


Proof that Joe will go the extra mile for me. I was setting up my lighting at a wedding for the first dance and he wanted to make it as realistic as possible for me. He. is. awesome.







  1. Tom and Jen says:

    Calla suddenly surprised us with being able to tie her shoes without ever being taught. Method? Bunny ears, just like her dad (and aunt, apparently). Tom says, “why wouldn’t everybody use bunny ears? It’s so much easier!” Who cares how you do it, as long as it holds!
    I love to vacuum too. It was my most treasured wedding shower gift! Just not the stairs – HATE stairs.

  2. stacylynn says:

    Haha that’s awesome! I always knew Tom and I were extra cool ;). Ohhhh I have never had to vacuum stairs before. That would NOT be fun. My couple area rugs satisfy my vacuum need just fine! love you guys xoxo

  3. emily says:

    At first I thought Joe was doing the robot! I hope I can live up to those expectations and be able to fill his shoes this summer:)

  4. Casia says:

    robot…. robot… robot!!! HA. I wanna learn our to shake my milkshake :))) No seriously, I do!

  5. jenni lind says:

    oh my gosh, that photo of joe posing for the first dance is priceless! it made me laugh so hard :)

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