Coffee Talk Monday #19-California addition

May 17, 2011

Greetings lovelies! I am writing you from Orange County, California. Joe + I are here for a few days for a mix of business and pleasure. We just got here today, but we’ve already had a day full of excitement! First, we thought that one of our bags was stolen because we saw one that looked like ours but when we went around the baggage carousel, it was gone. Well, that’s because it was not ours…it was someone else’s LOL. Our actual bag was the last one to come out so I was sorta freaking out waiting for it. I kept saying “Great! Someone totally stole our bag!” Joe, on the other hand, told me to stay calm and not jump to conclusions. Joe: “We can’t worry about what we can not control.” Sigh…why does my man have to be so profound sometimes?!

Next of the agenda was to find a hotel. Yes, that’s right. We arrived to California and still did not have a hotel reservation! Boy did I learn my lesson. I think I called at least 6 hotels, and drove around to two different hotels before finally finding a room at a reasonable rate with wireless access (so I could write to you) and a mini-fridge. But finally we found something and are ready to rock n’ roll Cali style. And as much as I LOVE all of you, I should probably go hang out with my hubby now. It’s not everyday that I get to hang out with him during the week, so I better take advantage of it :). Lots of love! xoxo stacy

Oh and sorry for the lack of photos! I left my camera transfer card at home SO you’ll just have to wait until I get back.




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