Coffee Talk Monday :: Stolen Lunches and Hallmark Movies

Feb 16, 2015

Happy post-Valentine’s Day Monday! Hope your weekend was filled with love. Our Vday was perfect! Our church put on a Parent’s Night Out which is just about my favorite event ever. Two and a half hours of FREE child care where my little gets to eat pizza, make crafts and play with her friends while Mommy and Daddy have a date night. Perfection! Since it’s so rare that we ever get to have the house to ourselves we decided to do Vday at home. Umm SO much better than going out! We ate Chinese take out on our private outdoor patio, talked until the it was way too dark outside and then cuddled up to a cheesy Hallmark movie. Oh and as far as Vday gifts go, I told Joe to forgo flowers because I’d rather spend the money on new yoga pants! Totally romantic ’round here ;).

There is a lunch thief at my hubby’s work! Someone straight up stole Joe’s lunch out of the staff refrigerator today. Who does that?!

So I’ve been seeing pics flooding my news feed of friends playing in the SNOW! It’s hard for me to remember that it’s not perfection in other parts of the country like it is in AZ right now. We have been eating outside just about everyday, hiking whenever we can and I may or may not have already started working on my tan. THIS is why I love living here!

P.S. Bella wanted you all to know that she got a My Little Pony for Valentine’s Day. She’s pretty stoked.

Happy Monday, everyone! xo, Stacy




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