Coffee Talk Monday #2

Jan 10, 2011

Hey friends! Thanks for showing up for our second EVER “coffee talk monday” date. I hope that you had a really great week. Mine was a perfect balance of BIZ-EEE n’ fabulous :). Between a wedding, other shoots, meetings and “keeping’ house”, I was able to squeeze in some actual coffee dates with friends and of course made time for the hubby. I know you’ve been waiting so without further ado, here are my random ramblings for this week.

I was at the grocery store today doing my usual route. I reached for the jumbo eggs (gotta go jumbo) but then my eyes caught sight of something different from the norm…hash browns. And for whatever reason, in that moment I had to have them.¬†Before you start to wonder, no, I’m not pregnant so don’t let your minds go there. ;). It was just a totally weird, totally random craving. But for some reason today I was diggin’ them. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint.!

Joe is not a fan of birthdays. Weird, right? He never wants to do anything to celebrate or make a big deal of it. Not me, I use the “it’s my birthday” card to the fullest! Well, yesterday was his 29th birthday and despite his “it’s just another day” attitude, I had to do something. So I baked him a cake, gluten-free of course. I wanted to go all out Martha Stewart style, but all Joe wanted was a cake with funfetti frosting. That’s right, my 29 year old man still thinks that the colorful sugar circles make a cake “way better”. Alright, I admit…I have eaten just as much if not more than him BUT it would have been even better with my homemade chocolate frosting ;).

I got the hiccups on Saturday. They just came out of no where. Usually I get them if I’m laughing too hard or eating to fast, but not this time. Just BOOM hiccups. Thankfully, I have a surefire way of getting rid of hiccups EVERY TIME. I plug my ears and drink water at the same time. No joke, it gets rid of them instantly. YESS! Unfortunately, I got them again later that day while I was shopping and didn’t have any water with me. Sad face. :(

I rarely write anymore. I mean actually write with a paper & pen. In fact when I do, it feels really awkward. I’ve always had poor penmanship but lately it’s gotten worse I think. Yesterday as I was writing in Joe’s birthday card I kept thinking “wow, I think a 6 year old could write better than this!” It’s pretty embarrassing lol. My sister always gives me a hard time saying that I haven’t progressed past first grade. Meanie! Thank God we live in a digital age where I can type things to my clients instead of write them. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to be reading this if it was handwritten!

Yesterday we kicked off the start of Redemption Church. All three campuses meet together at the Gilbert campus (formally East Valley Bible) to worship & celebrate together as one big church. We gathered out on the lawn with blankets and chairs, hung out, sang songs, heard from the Word and got pumped up for what God’s doing here in Phoenix. I’m so blessed to be a part of such an amazing church that really seeks to be Gospel centered and outward focused. If you’re looking for a great church in the valley, I recommend checking it out!

My parents come to town in T-8 days! They’ll be staying with us for 4 weeks. I know, some of you are thinking we’re crazy, right?! We actually LOVE having them here. Some of you may remember the office project that we did last year when they were here. This time we’re putting wood flooring in all of the bedrooms and maybe some other fun projects along the way. I’ll definitely be posting our progress, so be on the look out. Can’t wait!

Okay, that’s all for this week. Can’t wait for next week’s date :) Lots of love!-Stacy xoxo

Joe’s FABULOUS funfetti birthday cake. His birthday was made complete when the Packers won. Go Pack!

I didn’t take my camera with me to the Redemption launch BUT I was able to snap a few shots of the cute programs :)

COMING SOON: Brooke+Ty’s wedding ¬†(1/7/11) Be on the lookout for the post soon :)



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