Coffee Talk Monday :: Hand-standing into Spring

Feb 23, 2015

Happy Monday, my sweets! How was your weekend? We had a great time hanging with Joe’s family that was visiting for a couple days. Out of town guests always means lots of laughs and WAY more food than necessary. However, I believe that the extra calories burned from the extra laughing makes the excess eating okay. Is that a legit thought??

Remember my handstand fail? Yea, I still have the bruise. But on the up side, I spent yesterday’s yoga inversion workshop working on handstand and did not sustain any further injuries. I actually got some handstand hang time. Woop woop! However, I will not be asking Joe to take any pictures of me as clearly that did not turn out so well last time!

You know you have the best babysitter in the world when you she’s come over to watch the Bachelor with you after she just spent hours at your house watching the little one.¬†Looking forward to our Bach date tonight :).

Spring is here! I know, I know it’s only February, but here in AZ there are signs of spring all around me. Our peach trees are blossoming the most beautiful pink flowers. It’s the tiniest charlie brown-esque tree, but that girl is sure adorned in beauty!




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