Coffee Talk Monday #24

Jun 20, 2011

Guess what I did this weekend??? That’s right, the splits! (see previous defeat HERE). I was a bit pessimistic about the whole thing but Joe assured me that I’d have em’ back within a week. Later that night, I did it. I felt like a little kid wanting to show off my latest trick I learned “Look! I’m doing the splits!”. Hey, it had been quite a while so I felt it was okay to reveal in the moment :).

Why is it that I can never remember where I park? I must totally space out when I make the 30 second walk from my car to whatever store I am going into. 90% of the time I either walk down the wrong aisle or pass up my car without noticing. Am I alone here?

Whenever I enter an elevator, I immediately begin to plan what I will do if I were to get stuck. You know how flight attendants always say “please take a moment to locate your nearest exit.”? Well, I always take a moment to locate the elevator’s nearest emergency call button! I really do not like elevators and will avoid them at all costs. On our last trip, I made Joe carry all of our luggage up two flights of stairs because I refused to take the elevator. Irrational? Maybe a bit :)

Today was a good, good day. First I got to hang with my friend Kim and her cutie yorkie doggies at her new house, then I had lunch with a fellow photographer and then spent the rest of the afternoon helping my bedridden pregnant friend with her two year old daughter. We made playdough pizza and ice cream, built houses out of blocks, colored and even “found treasure”. What a spoiled girl I am!

I didn’t have a chance to take any pics of Lily since she kept me too busy making “pizza”, however, I was able to get a couple shots of my friend’s ‘baby” Bella. Isn’t she cute?





  1. Kimberly says:

    I’m so glad we were able to spend a little time together before your trip!! I’ll see you in Chicago for sure, but if you get back before that, please let me know! Thanks for snapping those pictures of Bella! I may have to hire you for a children’s session of Bella and Bear together lol! But I’ll make sure they have hair cuts and are bathed hehe. Love you friend! Have a safe and fun trip back home :)

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