Coffee Talk “Monday” #25

Jun 28, 2011

I haven’t completely lost my mind. I am indeed aware that it is Tuesday, not Monday. It’s only happened once before, where I had to postpone a CTM post. Both times I’ve felt guilty because I’m ‘standing y’all up’. But I hope you will forgive me!

I am still hanging out in my home state of Wisconsin, soaking up as much family time as I can. And boy do I feel blessed! Every morning starts with some real-life coffee talk with my parents in the kitchen I grew up in. We sit there together talking about life and enjoying the sweet view of my parents’ lush green backyard. The birds chirp in the trees just outside the window as I sip my green tea and I think to myself “life is good!”.

Yesterday I spent time with my niece April and nephew Mitchell, followed by a much needed dinner out with my sister Kris. We went to this lovely little wine bar, Zin, in one of my fav little towns. We sipped on our drinks as the breeze blew sweetly across the patio while the sun faded behind the clouds. We chatted until they closed the place down and kicked us out! When I returned ‘home’, I was greeted by my sweet nieces Calla + Olive who were having a sleepover at ‘grandma + grandpa’s’ house. They waited up for me to get home so I could say goodnight to them. What a fabulous day! Can you blame me for taking a day off from CTM?!

And today was just as blessed. “Auntie Stacy” was a big deal today ;)! All day long it was “Auntie Stacy, can you sit here by me? Auntie Stacy, do you want to watch me do something cool? Auntie Stacy, can you read me a story? Auntie Stacy!!” I was just loving it! We played outside, went for a walk, danced, played playdough, read stories, played the piano, rolled down the hill, did ‘cool yoga moves’, watched some of my wedding video, and lit sparklers. Whew! We were busy! And my day finished up with a family photo shoot, dinner out with my parents and finally this overdue CTM post. The only thing that would make it even better would be if Joe and the dogs were here! But even still, I can’t complain :).

Girls night with my sister…

Followed by breakfast the next morning with these two lovelies

Not too bad, getting to spend the day with these girls :). I just love them.



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  1. I say you are just fashionably late! Beautiful girls. And lucky girl, sippin on my fav cocktail! Enjoy Sweetie, its hot back home!

  2. Jen says:

    Oh, they were loving it, too. I hear Calla enlightened you with her favorite words. Thanks for being such a sweet auntie!

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