Coffee Talk Monday :: Little Things + Nicknames

Mar 2, 2015

I had somehow dodged getting sick when both Bella and Joe were breathing their sick germs at me for over a week straight a few weeks back. And now with spring just around the corner, I was sure my bod had outsmarted all the viruses for the season. But alas, I stand corrected and humbled. I have officially joined the sick club.  How’s a girl supposed to get her yoga on with an uncontrollable cough? This thing is cramping my style! Thank God for tea and cough drops!

You always hear “it’s the little things that count”. Today I found that to be true via a receipt, a mouse and some tears. Allow me to explain. Joe knew that I was potentially going to have a rough day since rallying our spirited 3 year old is hard enough to do when you’re 100% well! When I walked into my office this morning and grabbed my mouse, I found a note written on the back of a receipt. It simply said “Baby, you are AWESOME. That is all, Joe”. Less than 10 words on the back of a receipt was all it took to send this wifey into cry mode! It was such a beautiful, simple reminder to my heart that I am loved. Big bonus points today, my love!

Have I ever told you about my “name phobia”? Okay, it’s not really a phobia, it’s more of a weird quirk of mine. I don’t like when the people closest to me call me by my name. Weird right? Oh, and it goes further than that. Likewise, I don’t like to call my closest friends/family by their names either. So what are we supposed to call each other?? I’m all about nicknames. Joe and I have countless nicknames for each other and now for our Bella boo as well. We’re total weirdos, I get it! I blame it on my parents. They never call each other by name either and my Dad is the KING of nicknames. And so the cycle continues!

Weddings are fun, especially when you get to run around the streets of downtown PHX with the new mr and mrs. Typical Friday night hehe. Be on the lookout the the Ihms wedding, coming to the blog soon.

Happy Monday everyone. Stay healthy out there!




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