Coffee Talk Monday #29

Jul 25, 2011

Happy Monday my friends! I hope that you had an AH-MAZing weekend like I did. Joe + I celebrated our 3 year anniversary by spending Saturday night at the gorgeous Phoenician resort. It was exactly what I needed! I have been traveling back and forth between AZ and WI for the past 2 months and I just really felt like I needed a night to get away and relax. We spent the day poolside, eating chips n’ guac, listening to the guitarist play some John Mayer and Jack Johnson hits and reflecting on our favorite memories from our third year of marriage. After we soaked up some sun, we took our first trip to Spinkles cupcakes. I had heard that their cupcakes were BOMB, and they happen to serve a gluten free red velvet. Ohhhh it did not disappoint! Later that night we went to dinner at the J&G Steakhouse on property with a view overlooking Phoenix. The food was delish and I even splurged and got a mojito! Joe encouraged me to order the “Kumquat Mojito” because he had heard the word kumquat in a song once. We were both a little disappointed when the waitress told us they were “all out of kumquat”! Can someone please enlighten me and tell me what the heck a kumquat is anyway???

Last night at church we sang “Amazing Grace”, one of my all time fave songs, so I’ve had it stuck in my head pretty much all day. I don’t know what came over me this morning, but somewhere between breakfast and 11am, I must of convinced myself I was Carrie Underwood. I just started belting out Amazing Grace, acapella style and for the record, it was not very pretty. Good thing God listens to my heart and not my voice!

I have to be honest, today was a not-s0-productive day. I really was looking forward to a day to get back in the swing of things, but I just wasn’t feeling it. But somewhere along the line, I mustered up the strength to go to Costco. Now I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I do not enjoy going to Costco. Something about multiple aisles of bulk items and unhealthy samples makes me feel a bit overwhelmed! But every once in a while, I have a Costco experience that makes it all worth while. Like the time I first saw that they had gluten free bread (mind you, it’s not my fav brand, but it’s a lot cheaper than anywhere else). Or like today when I found my favorite bag of chips: Riceworks Sweet Chili chips. I can usually find these chips at other stores but they come in a tiny little bag and cost like $4. Costco had them for $6 for a huge bag, so I bought two. Costco, you’re not so bad after all!

I just ordered the coolest new coffee mug for Joe to take to work. It straight up looks just like one of the Canon lenses! It’s pretty sweet, and I’m kinda jealous that I don’t have one now. I bet you all his co-workers are going to be jealous too. He’ll be like the kid from elementary school that had the coolest lunch box. The envy of us all :)




  1. Tara says:

    Where did you get that coffee mug!? Co cool & clever!

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