Coffee Talk Monday #31

Aug 8, 2011

Hello all my friends! I’m still hanging out here in Wisconsin until tomorrow morning. I have loved my trip here, but I am SO ready to see Joe! I feel like an 8th grade girl getting ready to go to the dance with my long time crush. I’m seriously getting butterflies thinking about seeing him tomorrow. I think it’s going to be a drop-whatever-you’re-doing, slow motion run, music crescendo kinda moment :).

This trip has been a perfect mix of work + play: two weddings, a couple shoots, and some great family/friends time thrown in there as well. Last week Tuesday I headed to my nephew Mitchell’s baseball game with my parents and 2 other nephews Nathan + Noah. It was so much fun watching him pitch. Even though I know nothing about baseball, I did my best to cheer at the appropriate times. Then I realized I would probably be more useful doing what I do best, so I took some shots of him in action. He’s such a lil’ stud!

One of my highlights of Wisconsin summers is the WI State Fair. I have such good memories of the fair from when I was younger and there are always those certain fair foods that you just have to get. For me, it’s the Wisconsin grown baked potato and the maple sugar cotton candy. Yumtastic! Probably the best known WSF food is the creme puff. People LOVE them. Unfortunately for me, being gluten and dairy free, a creme puff is pretty much the worst thing I could eat. But my parents? They always make sure to get one! This year I added in a new favorite to the mix: a chocolate covered frozen banana. I’ve wanted to try one ever since watching Arrested Development¬†and I found out they are delicious. Add it to the list! Things I will not be adding to my fair food list, however, include the following: deep fried butter, deep fried beer, deep fried mash potatoes, chocolate covered bacon, krispy kreme burger or a chocolate covered bacon krispy kreme cheeseburger (the aforementioned items are indeed actual ‘food’ sold at the fair). Sick…

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s weddings. Alicia (aka Roommate) and I have been friends for almost 8 years after being randomly paired up as roommates our freshman year. I have SO much that I can say about Roommate and plan to do so when I post some images from her wedding. She had a great photographer, but I couldn’t help but take pictures of one of my best friends throughout the day. I’ll have a post up on this beauty soon. In the meantime I’ll leave with just a lil sneak peek!

Ummm straight up GORGEOUS!

Shots of Mitchell pitching and hitting

Proof of some of the nasty fair food…in case you didn’t believe me!

My parents and I enjoying the good fair food!

Until next time, Happy Monday! xoxo




  1. =) all the things i love.. baseball — and fairs! nothing beats it! =) well except maybe the fair food — DEEP FRIED OREOS! =)

  2. Awww… looks like you had an amazing time in Wisconsin :D

  3. Shannon K. says:

    Deep fried butter? Seriously? Who sits around and thinks of this stuff?? That’s a $4.00 heart attack right there.

you said:

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