Coffee Talk Monday #33

Aug 22, 2011

Back in Wisconsin! Yes, you’re right, I have been there a lot this summer. Trip #5 to be exact! The early part of the summer was brutally hot n’ humid, but this recent weather reminds me why I love WI. The sound of crickets outside my open bedroom window lull me to sleep and the smell of homemade blueberry pancakes wake me up. Lively conversation fills the kitchen as my parents and I fill our tummies and our hearts. Oh yes, these are the days that I cherish!

This trip was made especially special because Joe came for a few days. His trip was short but efficient. Friday morning was spent helping my parents install a new window and patio door (no big deal) ;). You may know that my dad is Mr. Fix it and has remodeled a good portion of our house already, so it felt so good to be able to help with something on their house for a change! My mom and I even helped with the heavy lifting, thank you very much :). Although at times I think I was doing more harm than good when I almost dropped the window from fear of being attacked by the biggest bee that ever lived. Oh, you think I’m exaggerating?? No, this thing was HUGE! I was a little less than rational when this thing was flying near my head. I may or may not have dropped to the ground and crawled away on my hands and knees LOL! My mom threatened to get the video camera to document my craziness, but thankfully that did not happen. Friday night we went to Irish Fest to watch my two little nieces perform their irish dancing. Irish Fest is a big deal here in Wisconsin and so the girls were SO excited. I was such a proud auntie watching those girls jigging with all that they had. Saturday we shot a wedding together (which was FABULOUS btw) and he was back on a plane already Sunday morning. Miss you already love :)

Today, I found myself at a place that was a little out of my comfort zone: the skatepark. 5 of my nieces and nephews were over for the day and these kids know how to skateboard! They just LOVE it. I, on the other hand, can’t balance on a skateboard to save my life. It just boggles my mind how these kids can stay on that thing while their “in the bowl” doing tricks. Aren’t I so cool throwing out the skater lingo? ;) Definitely a skill I never acquired but I sure do love watching them.

My night wrapped up about as good as a night can. My mom made steak and baked potatoes with fresh chives and beets from her garden followed by a evening stroll around the neighborhood. How did I get so blessed?? I hope that I can be as good of a mom to my future children someday as my mom is to me. Love you mom!

And that my friends, is Coffee Talk Monday. Until next time! xoxo stacy

That bee has FURR! That’s just wrong…

The two cutest Irish dancers who ever were :)

My niece Jessica representing for the ladies at the skatepark.

This cute lady here, is my adorable mom. I just love her!



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  1. candee says:

    Sounds like a blast, Stacy! Waking up to blueberry pancakes sounds like a dream!

  2. alicia says:

    I feel like every week when I read coffee chalk- I laugh and cry…you are blessed my friend. Love you! xoxo

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