Coffee Talk Monday #35

Sep 12, 2011

I never thought the day would come when I would gaze outside my window and rejoice that there are clouds in the sky! 8 years living in Arizona has changed my definition of weather that’s for sure! ‘Chilly’ is now anything under 80 degrees. What I used to consider a ‘drizzle’ is now enough to keep me off the roads. And the occasional cloudy sky is a grounds for staying in and curling up on the couch with a good book. It’s still ‘summer’ in October and it’s not uncommon to spend Christmas Eve out on the patio. It’s a world apart from my good ole’ Wisconsin roots, and while I generally enjoy it I am craving double digits that start with something less than a 9!

Football has officially begun which means I will be a loner every Sunday from here until February. For the past 4 years Joe has been spending football Sundays over at his best friends house where they have two (maybe three) TVs set up to watch multiple games. I’ll never understand the obsession! But not gonna lie, I have benefited somewhat from having Sundays to myself. Yesterday was SO productive! What would have normally been a day spent watching tv or hanging by the pool (which are fun things, don’t get me wrong!) turned into a day full of catching up on editing and house cleaning. I felt very accomplished. Maybe I should send Joe to his friend’s house more often ;)

Joe thinks he’s so clever sometimes! Yesterday I asked him to stop by the store on his way to or from his friend’s house so that I didn’t have to go. When he came home I asked “Did you go to Sunflower?” in which he replied “No. I was going to, but then I remembered that we’ll pass it on the way home from church and I figured you’d probably want to stop for something sweet. So I was just thinking of you…”. Nice try honey! (Side-note)We did end up stopping after church and I did end up getting a bag of gf cookies which may be 3/4 of the way gone already! So not only did he cause me to have to go to the store anyway BUT he put the idea of sweets in my head. I blame him for the extra few pounds that have been packing on lately!

I’ll leave you with a tiny sneak peek of Cory+Michael’s engagement session. I know, it’s cruel of me to just tease you with one image! But I gotta keep you coming back for more. Be on the lookout for the full post of their e-sesh SOON! Happy Monday :) xoxo

Aren’t they just the cutest??



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  1. This was so refreshing to read–funny too! :) I really love reading blogs that include the fun of everyday life and not just, I had a great shoot and everyone was perfect–I love that you mix it up :) I added you as a fave and am looking forward to reading your next post!

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