Coffee Talk Monday #36

Sep 19, 2011

I have been spending an unhealthy amount of time perusing Pinterest lately. But seriously, can you blame me??? It gives me ideas for EVERYTHING! Thanks to this website, I now have 3589539023 more ideas that I will probably not see come to fruition. But it is eye candy nonetheless!

I love music. Like LOVE it. However, I have never been the best at deciphering lyrics. There has been many a time when I sing what I think are the lyrics to a song, only to be laughed at by Joe (in the nicest way possible I’m sure). The funny thing is, the lyrics I come up with don’t usually make sense to me, but I just go with what I think I hear. Like when I sang “carry my, carry my, no he can’t (undecided) my Poker face”. I never knew what Gaga meant by that, but then again Lady Gaga walks to the beat of her own drum so I never questioned it. It made much more sense when I learned the real lyrics!

Confession: today I had a dance party in my house. By myself. Right there in my kitchen with Pandora blasting, I just started busting some moves. I definitely lived out the quote “dance like no one is watching.” Let me just say, there is a reason why someone wrote that!

Mmmm I discovered a new drink this weekend that I’m kinda obsessed with right now: KeVita probiotic coconut drink. It an “effervescent probiotic antioxidant superdrink” similar to Kombucha in my opinion. All I have to say is, get ready KeVita because we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other from now on!

Happy Monday lovelies!




  1. I TOTALLY thought the lyrics to that song were “Carry my…”. I just looked it up and now, like you, realize how much more sense the song makes.

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