Coffee Talk Monday #37

Sep 26, 2011

Happy Monday friends! Joe + I just got done singing “it’s just another manic Monday” (of course leaving some room for creative interpretation and a few of our own lyrics). No day is complete without an impromptu duet with the one you love. Am I right??

Confession: I pick the m&m’s out of the trail mix one by one. After those are gone, I target the raisins. Slowly but surely the colorful array of nuts, raisins and chocolate turns into a sea of brown with a few specks of raisin-y goodness. I guess you could say I am an expert trail mix sorter outer. In fact I challenge you; if you can find an m&m that I didn’t find yet, I will give you a dollar! :).

Have you ever read the book ‘The 5 love languages’? I highly recommend it to anyone; single, dating and married alike. It gives great insight on how we each have a primary love language (either Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, or Physical Touch) and how we need to understand our spouse’s love language to effectively show them love. There’s a quiz provided at the end of the book which is supposed to help identify your primary love language, however, after reading the book I still wasn’t sure which one I was. This weekend I decided to ask Joe what he thought I was in which he replied, “Which one?You’re definitely all 5 of them. And it changes everyday!” Poor guy has to try to keep up. Although he followed by saying “But that’s what I love about you. There’s never a dull moment!” I think I’ll keep him ;).

First dates always used to make me nervous. You’d think that once you’re married that that’s the end of first dates, right? Well on the one hand yes, but on the other hand you get to experience a whole new kind of first date. The ‘couples’ first date. As a married couple, I think it’s extremely important to find other couples that you really click with. This can be a tricky thing. The girl has to get along with the girl. The guy has to get along with the guy. The couples have to get along as a unit. It’s a lot of pressure people! This weekend we had our ‘first date’ with a new couple from our church and we had such a great time. Remember when you’d come home from a good date and you’d spend the next few days talking all about that person? That was Joe + me this weekend. Charity+Andy this, Charity+Andy that. LOL. Hey, it was a good first date! In fact, I’m pretty confident there will be a second :) hehe.

I’ve always known that I have wonderful clients but I was reminded of this recently when I received the sweetest thank you gift in the mail from one of our couples. Candice+Adam are our sweet clients from Wisconsin whose wedding we shot this summer. One of the things I noticed at the wedding was that Candice had gotten all of her bridesmaids matching charm bracelets with a personal charm on each one. I was just smitten when I opened the package and found the same charm bracelet with a camera charm attached. It made me feel like an honorary bridesmaid and I now wear it proudly! And the framed photo collage with a written thank-you now proudly hangs out in my office; a constant reminder of how blessed I am to have such sweet clients. Thanks again Gavrans :) xoxo

That’s all for today friends. Happy Monday!!!



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