Coffee Talk Monday #4 (2014)

Feb 3, 2014

Let me just start off by saying, I was right! About the Seahawks¬†winning, I mean. Clearly, my vast array of sports knowledge has come in handy ;). Okay, let’s be honest, I was really only watching for the Bruno half-time show and the commercials. Bruno did not disappoint, am I right? He sounded so SO great live. Way to go, buddy!

“If Mr. Feeny was a pastor, dude would bring the Word like no other!”¬†Yes, this is an actual conversation I had with my hubby. My favorite show growing up was Boy Meets World. Lately, I have been DVRing all the old episodes and getting my BMW fix whenever I can. And I love me some Feeny! His words of wisdom always get me, dang it!! If Feeny were real, I would totally want to hang out with him. And if he were a pastor, I would definitely podcast his sermons! Just sayin’ ;). Am I taking the Boy Meets World thing a little too far??

Bella’s birthday was shortly after Christmas. Between the two “holidays”, girlfriend acquired a lot of new and exciting toys like a kitchen set, rocking giraffe, new books, etc. At first, she was all about these new little gadgets but lately she has been ALL about mommy. Wherever I go, she follows right behind. Whatever I’m doing, she wants to be right there doing it too. And when I give her the option to play with her toys or hang out with mommy while I do boring things like the laundry, dishes, etc, she always chooses me. Who chooses laundry over a remote controlled car?? I guess that must mean that I’m the most exciting thing in the house…right??! I better enjoy it now, because soon she won’t think I’m cool at all!

I love babies. And I am SO excited that several of my close friends and family members are going to be having one soon. There is baby fever in the air and I am loving it! (Note: this is NOT a hint that I am pregnant or intend to be anytime soon :). One is enough for right now! So for now, I will rejoice with some of my favorite people as they get ready to welcome new life into the world. Hooray!

Have a magical Monday everyone! Here is a picture of Bella and me from our friends’ wedding. It has nothing to do with the post, she is just too darn cute. Try not to smile while looking at this. I dare you ;)




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