Coffee Talk Monday #4

Jan 24, 2011

Hi friends! How was your week? Anyone else feel like time has been flying by extra fast this year already? Man, I know that’s been the case for me. I’ve definitely felt like I need to add at least 5 more hours to every day to accomplish every thing on my to-do list. I’m sure I’m not alone on this!

Well it happened, the Packers are in the Superbowl which means I have one giddy husband! Like I said, I’ll never really understand how guys can get that into football. It’s as if they are actually part of the team. We watched the game last night right before we headed to church. When we got there Joe’s friends were coming up to him giving him high fives, man hugs and I’m pretty sure I even heard some “congratulations”. Wait, did I miss something? Was he actually playing in the game??  I guess that doesn’t matter. Apparently the fans are the reason a team wins ;).

My parents got into town on Tuesday. Since then we’ve made our first few Home Depot/Lowes trips and are making progress on the remodel. Bedroom #1 has been painted, flooring has been laid, and the closet doors have been painted. Today my dad will be putting in the molding and closet doors. It’s looking pretty spiffy! Now I just need to pick out the paint color for Bedroom #2 and we’ll probably get started on that tomorrow or Wednesday. We’re saving our bedroom for last and if we have time (and money) we’ll remodel the guest bathroom as well. I promise I’ll post pics along the way but I totally forgot to take a before pic of Bedroom #1 (whoops).

Two things I never learned to do: whistle + dive. That’s right, I’m 25 years old and I can’t whistle at all and I’m terrified to attempt a dive. I remember trying to whistle as a kid and I could just never get my mouth to do the right thing. My family always has laughed at me because I look so ridiculous when I attempt to. To this day, I can’t whistle to save my life. How sad! The dive thing I’m okay with. I’m not real big on going under water anyway. I’d much rather just lounge on a pool floaty. That’s my kinda swimming!

My mom made gluten-free brownies last night. We had never tried the Betty Crocker mix before so we weren’t sure how they would taste. They smelled so good while they were baking and I couldn’t wait to have one. Unfortunately they didn’t taste as good as they smelled. They were a lot drier than other gf brownies we have had, so we just assumed that the mix sucked. Until this morning when my mom made a discovery. She opened up the microwave to heat up her coffee when I heard “ohhhhhhh hmmm. I think I know why the brownies didn’t turn out so well” as she pulled out a bowl of melted butter. “I’m pretty sure I was supposed to put this butter in there.” LOL. Now don’t get the wrong idea, my mom is the best cook. That’s what makes this even funnier.

I’m thinking about buying a steam mop today. Have you heard of the Shark Vac-to-Steam? It looks pretty cool! Although the infomercial for it makes me literally LOL. There’s this one part where they talk about how they include a “storage” lid. It’s just a little plastic cover but they act like they’re giving you something SO awesome…for free! Wow, thanks Shark. How generous of you! Just what I always wanted ;). Anyways I’ll keep you posted on what I think. I’m hoping it’s as cool as the infomercial :).

Well loves, I hate to cut our date short but I have a LOT of editing to catch up on. All this remodeling has been messing with my work flow! Hopefully next week we can spend a little more time “chatting”. Until then, have a fan-TAB-ulous week. Lots of love! -Stacy xoxo

It’s hard to tell the color on here but it’s called “Crocodile Tears”. It’s a really pretty shade of green. And isn’t the floor divine?



  1. emily says:

    Let me know if you get the Shark and how you like it…I’ve been eyeing that up for months now! Have fun with all the remodeling!

  2. Jen says:

    Ha! I can’t whistle or dive either! I’m a horrible whistler (maybe a teensy step up from you) and I just can’t dive. My theory is that after all the years of gymnastics being taught to never, ever land on your head, there’s no way I’m diving to my head! And go for the steam mop. I don’t have a shark, but I have a Bissell and I *love* it. Way, way easier, plus you can add essential oils.
    Were Joe and his boys teary? I’m amazed at how much people put owndership on someone else’s performance! By the way, tell your parents all is well at the ol’ homestead and give them a hearty, “hello!!!”

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