Coffee Talk Monday #40

Oct 17, 2011

Has it really been 40 weeks since my first ever CTM post? WOW!!! Just another indication that the year is flying by. F’reals. Where did 2011 go???

I’m just wrapping up Wisconsin trip #6 but this time, my cutie hubs got to join me! We packed a lot in on his short 4 day trip and I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

We spent Friday in the tiny town of Kewaunee, WI hanging with Kristen + Dave and 400 of their closest friends as they became husband and wife. With farm land, broken-down buildings, and crazy-fun people, it’s safe to say we were having a blast.

Saturday marked one of the best days in Joe’s life (slight exaggeration): the first time he stepped foot into Lambeau field! Joe bleeds green + gold and has been wanting to go to Lambeau since he was a kid so we stopped by on the drive back to my parent’s house. Although he was glad that he got to say he saw it in person, I’m sure I wasn’t the best person to see it with considering I was ready to leave after about 10 minutes! Don’t feel too bad for him though. Remember, he has a ticket to the Packers vs Bears game on Christmas Day so then he’ll really get to experience the ‘frozen tundra’ then.

Yesterday was filled with everything a Sunday should: church, football, family and food. We got to hang with 5 of my 12 nieces and nephews and then Calla and Olive stayed for a sleepover. Those girls put ‘Uncle Joe’ to work! They were riding him around the house like a horse…over and over and over! It was so fun to watch them play with him. He’s sure going to be a good daddy someday :).

He wrapped up his trip today, but my dad didn’t let him leave without having him help with some house projects! About an hour before Joe had to leave for the airport, my dad decides they should attempt to rip out two huge 50+ year old windows. My mom and I watched nervously and interjected words of ‘advice’ along the way. Thanks to us, they got it done just in time ;).

Can’t wait to see him tomorrow when I fly back. Happy Monday!!!



  1. Kristen Siebold says:

    Looks like Joe had a blast at Lambeau! Glad you guys got to see it!

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