Coffee Talk Monday #43

Nov 7, 2011

Hey there faithful CTMers! How’s your week so far? Today has been a ‘lay on the couch, take several naps, watch Dr. Phil’ kinda day. My excuse? A full day of shooting a wedding yesterday followed by a touch of a stomach bug today. I almost used that as an excuse to skip out on CTM for today, but I couldn’t leave you all hanging!

My parents are in town again…woo hoo! They decided to come out for two weeks this fall to visit and plan for the next remodel when they come in the winter. I did my best to not put them to work this time around, but I could tell my dad was getting antsy without something to do ;). So today we are finally getting rid of my 24 year old Whirlpool stove that hasn’t worked for 3+months. My hope was to have some Before AND After pictures for you, but for now all I’ve got is the before since my dad is working away at this as I type. You’ll have to stay tuned for the after. You’re not gonna want to miss it. My new stove is!!!

Bye bye old friend! You’ll be missed (sort of)



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