Coffee Talk Monday #46

Nov 29, 2011

10 Reasons You Know It’s SKP Busy Season

1. Coffee Talk MONDAY gets done on Tuesday

2. My desk resembles a kitchen sink more and more throughout the day

3. My right thumb feels like it’s going to fall off if I back button focus one more time

4. The only tan I get is from the glow of my computer screen

5. Joe doesn’t even bother asking “Have you been outside at ALL today?” anymore

6. The gf pizza delivery guy no longer needs to use GPS to get to our house

7. Pandora asks “are you still listening” about 3 times a day

8. I forget to watch Dr. Phil. (crazy, I know) ;)

9. The two laundry baskets of clean clothes are STILL sitting there

10. I am up well before the sunrise. You should have seen it this morning! If I didn’t have such a scattered brain, I probably would’ve thought to take a picture. Make that reason number 11!

Just use your imagination I guess ;)



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