Coffee Talk Monday #48

Dec 12, 2011

Fact: Sometimes Joe + I intentionally plan our outfits to match each other. Fact: Sometimes we DON’T plan our outfits but accidentally end up matching anyways. Last night, was the latter. As we were walking into church we just then realized that we were kinda dressed like twins. Both in a blue/turquoise shirt with a tan hat. I’m pretty sure everyone thought we did that on purpose and were most likely making fun of us behind our backs!

True story. On Friday, Joe accidentally took BOTH sets of car keys to work with him leaving me stranded at home for the day. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I work from home after-all! Ohhhh but not Friday. On that particular day, I had a meeting scheduled with a local wedding planner. Did I mention this would be the FIRST time we would be meeting? So, I get ready as usual and am feeling quite impressed with myself that I would be leaving the house early for a change. I grab my purse and rifle through it. No keys. Check on the counter. No keys. Panic sets in as I remember that Joe was the last one to drive my car. Trying to remain calm, I call Joe and kindly ask him “ummm honey….where are my car keys?” Insert awkward pause before he whispers “ehhhh they’re in my pocket!”. SO let’s just say I didn’t end up leaving the house early after all.

I’m sad to admit that we are TERRIBLE when it comes to Christmas traditions. In the almost 3 1/2 years that we have been married, we’ve only put up a Christmas tree ONCE. There have never been Christmas lights on our house and I have yet to send out Christmas cards. We always say…”we’ll do it next year!”. Still waiting for ‘next year’ to actually come! I do however, rock out to plenty of Christmas music :).

Speaking of Christmas music, you NEED to check out this album by my multi-talented photog friends. Not only are they talented ‘picture-takers’, they can SING too. So this year they decided to use their talents to make a difference by producing an album and giving ALL of the proceeds to Thirst Relief International. This organization (also lead by one of my photog friends) provides clean, safe drinking water to those in need around the world. Water. A basic need. And something that YOU can give to someone through your donation and/or purchase of this album. Please check out it out HERE!

Happy Monday!







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