Coffee Talk Monday #5 (2014)

Feb 10, 2014

I am itching for a good movie. I haven’t seen one in like 27 years. Exaggeration? Perhaps. But you get the picture. (The motion picture.) Ehhh, see what I did there?! Okay, my hubby’s lame “dad jokes” are officially wearing off on me. But really, I’m totally looking for some movie recommendations so leave a comment with your recent faves, mmmm k?

We are on Week 4 of our P90x 3 journey and we haven’t missed a workout yet. Hollerrrr!!! Today we started our “recovery week”, so I rolled out of bed feeling pretty good about my upcoming workout performance. Three weeks of kicking butt with my hubby has upped the fitness confidence a little. Enter “Isometrics” workout and let’s just say my confidence was shaken. I went into it thinking “Holding plank? No problem!”. But approximately 4.2 minutes into the workout, I morphed into a newborn baby giraffe who was trying to walk for the first time. Not very graceful, my friends. Not very graceful at all!

Whatever happened to silly putty? Do they still sell that stuff? If so, I must add it to my amazon list. Pronto!

Is there anything more fun than a teeter toter? The answer is no. No there is not. Teeter toters are awesome in every way. Bella agrees with me. The end.

Happy Monday, everyone!




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  1. Kaitlin Hansen says:

    You can get silly putty at the dollar store!

  2. Darius Jones says:

    Dad jokes are ballin #donthate

  3. Darius Jones says:

    If you like Mary Poppins, Saving Mr Banks was good.

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