Coffee Talk Monday #2 (2014)

Jan 20, 2014

Happy Monday everyone! So glad you’re back for another edition of CTM. Let’s do this!

You know that you’re officially old/out of shape when you have a sore hip and the only cause you can think of is, “Well, I did wear high heels yesterday. Yup, that has to be it!”. That was totally me this week. Needless to say, I need to start working out again!

Since my “high heels” low, Joe decided to help jump start my workout plan by buying P90x3. We committed to doing the full 90 days. Today was Day 1. How was it, you ask? Well, it was a little harder than walking around in high heels. Okay…so I couldn’t move from the couch for 45 minutes post-workout (which, sadly, is longer than the entire workout!) but other than that, it was a cake walk ;).

I think I may be the only human in the entire USofA that actually looks forward to filing taxes. Is that embarrassing to admit?! Even though most years we don’t get a refund (thanks a lot SKP), there is something somewhat satisfying about it. (I‘m depressing myself with this confession lol!). Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a chance to look back over a year in it’s entirety; an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve done and accomplished. And reflection can be a beautiful thing. Leave it to me to romanticize filing taxes! Think about that the next time you go to H&R Block. You’re welcome ;).

I am not a football fan, however, both of the teams that I chose to go to the Superbowl are now going (wait for it) to the SUPERBOWL! So I think that makes me a sports expert now, right? In my expertise of all things football, I forecast that the Seahawks will triumph over the Broncos. Mark my words, the Seahawks shall win. Or maybe the Broncos…

Happy Monday!!!



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