Coffee Talk Monday #52

Jan 9, 2012

Not gonna lie, I was quite skeptical of Sketchers Shape-Ups. But now that I have a pair of my own, I’m pretty sure that God himself designed these shoes. I put them on and instantly feel like I could take on the world! And let’s be honest, I need that kinda motivation to get my workout on. The best part? I got them for 50% off at DSW…you know that’s right!

I’m easily amused. It doesn’t take much to get me smiling so when my friend Chris showed up to Friday’s engagement shoot with a Canon lens-looking coffee mug, I was beaming from ear to ear! This thing is awesome. It looks exactly like the Canon 24-105 lens, but it’s a coffee cup. Sa-weet! I felt extra legit drinking my tea this morning :)

Today is Joe’s 30th birthday! That’s a big deal, right? Well, yet another way in which Joe and I are SO different. On my birthday, I love to take it all in. Birthday cake. Birthday Card. Birthday Balloons. Birthday Party. I’m totally okay if any or ALL of those things happen. But Joe? He doesn’t want any of that. No presents. No cake. (who doesn’t want cake?!). No party. No fun, if  you ask me! His only request is to have spaghetti for dinner. Lol. I love my predictable, keep-it-simple, man. Just as long as he doesn’t expect to get away with that on my birthday ;).

Happy 30th Birthday to the cutest guy I know!

 (Photo compliments of Brittany Janelle)



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  1. casia says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! His birthday gift from me is…. ummmm… that I thought he was a bit younger than 30. More like 26 or 27. So he gets a ‘young looks’ compliment from me. Cheers to 30, I’ll be there in 6 months and I’ll want spaghetti too.

  2. Suzanne says:

    So funny! My husband is the same way! Why don’t they love cake as much as we do??

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